By Dave Branon

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love . . . and weep with those who weep. —Romans 12:10,15

Cards. Hundreds and hundreds of cards. Our mail carrier must have thought we were going for a world record. They came by the stack—day after day after day.

It was just one of the many ways we knew that people cared for us as our family endured the painful first weeks after our teenage daughter Melissa died in a car accident.

But it wasn’t just the cards that provided assurance of loving support. Food came in so fast we nearly filled up the freezer. Flowers filled every corner of the house, especially sunflowers—Melissa’s favorite.

People sent pictures of her, blankets with verses, memorial gifts to her school, and books—lots of helpful books on trusting God with a broken heart. Then there were the e-mails, phone calls, and personal words of hope and help. Promises of prayer. Offers to do anything we needed. All from friends following God’s prompting.

Our aching hearts were lifted by these deeds too numerous to list but too beautiful to forget. The love behind these expressions carried us through days heavy with sorrow.

Look for people in need and follow the Lord’s leading. Help heal their brokenness with gestures of love (Romans 12:10-15). Encourage them for God’s glory.

It was only a brief little note,
Or a word that was prayerfully spoken,
Yet not in vain, for it soothed the pain
Of a heart that was nearly broken. —Anon.

A little kindness can make a big difference.

Devotional forwarded to you by:


NCCP Ecumenical Ministry – Church of the Risen Lord

University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus, QC


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